Collection: TFG Academy - Online Livestream Classes

Unleash your full potential with TFG Academy online livestream classes. Each class will range in length and skill level to welcome bakers of all kinds and keep you inspired.

The sweet part? Join in live with Lindsay The Flour Girl or tune in later to make it work with your schedule, time zone, and pace. All classes are recorded so you can watch them again and again as long as you're registered!

Maybe you've been trying to get into baking for the first time, picking it back up after many years, or are an avid baker wanting to learn more. Whatever the case, baking and the business side of things can sometimes be a bit challenging! The right tools and information can really make the process easier. These classes may be an investment for your business and/or a way to increase your knowledge and skills.

A breakdown of information with instruction from a baking class can make all the difference. And guess what? You don't need to leave your home to gain some expertise!

What does each class include?

  • A 2+ hour livestream class with Lindsay (length depending on the class)
  • Unlimited access to the recording of the class (make it work for your schedule and learning pace!)
  • A PDF Baker's Manual with all the information you need to prepare for class, provided 1-2 weeks prior
  • Access to a private community of bakers where Lindsay will be answering your questions, where you can share your own tips/tricks, interact with other students, and share your class creations!
  • Exclusive discount codes for your baking needs.
  • A special giveaway at the end of each class!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I watch the class at another time?
  • Yes! As long as you register before the registration deadline (mentioned in each course description, if there is one), you will have unlimited access to the class content, private community, and video recording to make it work with your schedule/time zone
  • When is the deadline to register?
  • At 11:59pm the night before the livestream class. Class registrations will close to allow us time to help get last minute sign ups into the class group! Core classes (101 level classes) that involve basic baking or business skills required to participate in more advanced classes do not have a deadline!
  • Will the class be repeated?
  • Depends on the class! Classes will be changed up monthly so we have fresh new techniques, ideas, flavours, and designs to teach! If you're interested in a class we recommend signing up before it's gone!
  • Can I use my own recipes when I join the class?
  • Of course! While each class comes with recipes, we encourage our class members to use their tried and true recipes, something they are comfortable with.