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As a baker, having durable and easy-to-use tools in my arsenal is crucial to creating cake designs that I am proud of. Even better when these tools are reusable and aesthetically pleasing! Each item has been tested multiple times by The Flour Girl to ensure they meet these quality standards and are made to last. The tools that we use to bake can make a big impact on the overall baking experience.

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Design unique cakes and start your own trends with our premium products! From turntables and decorating combs to piping bags and cookie scribes, we have something for every baker.

Product photos by Toronto photographer, Mary Jubran

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TFG Academy

Maybe you've been trying to get into baking for the first time, picking it back up after many years, or are an avid baker wanting to learn more. Whatever the case, baking and the business side of things can sometimes be a bit challenging! The right tools and information can really make the process easier. These classes are an investment and a path towards increase your knowledge and skills.

With TFG Academy classes, you can unleash your full potential! Each class ranges in length and skill level for bakers of all kinds!

The sweet part? Join in live with Lindsay The Flour Girl or tune in later to make it work with your schedule, time zone, and pace. All classes are recorded so you can watch them again and again as long as you're registered! See you in class!

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Our Story

The Flour Girl started in 2017 when a hobby turned into a business. With continuous hard work paired with tons of love and support, it grew into something more. Shop The Flour Girl began in Toronto, Canada with both the new and the experienced baker in mind. It is important to us to encourage you to work hard for what you want, learn to be your best self, and gain the confidence to try new techniques and designs. When you make a purchase from us, you are also supporting a small business! 

Now, let's get baking!