TFG Academy - Macarons 101 Class: Loaded Christmas Edition
TFG Academy - Macarons 101 Class: Loaded Christmas Edition
TFG Academy - Macarons 101 Class: Loaded Christmas Edition
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TFG Academy - Macarons 101 Class: Loaded Christmas Edition

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French Macarons are cute and delicious but anyone who has tried making them knows they're not as easy as they appear. Every single step of the process counts towards a successful macaron. Lindsay will go through the process step-by-step in this new macarons 101 class!

In this class, Lindsay will be covering everything you need to know about baking macarons using the Italian-method. This class is meant for bakers who are looking to learn or improve their macaron-making skills, macaron troubleshooting, or first-timers wanting to get started. Here are some topics we will cover in depth during this 3-hour class:

  • Recipes for macaron batter and fillings
  • Tools necessary for successful macaron baking
  • Measuring out ingredients properly
  • Preparing Italian meringue base
  • Properly colouring macaron batter
  • Correct macaronage technique
  • The art of piping macaron batter
  • Baking macarons
  • How to fill macarons with luxe edible cookie dough and ganache fillings
  • Decorating and finishing touches

The class will take place live in a private Facebook group Saturday December 18th at 1pm EST. An email will be sent with the private group link within 48 hours of registration to the email used during checkout. If your Facebook account name does not match your registration name we will need to know (email us so you can be added to the class. Please allow an additional 48 hours to allow us to verify your Facebook request.

Class content in PDF format will be made available 2 weeks prior to the live session in the Facebook group. The session will be recorded and saved for future reference for any class members who are not able to attend live. Facebook group will be monitored for questions by Lindsay (@theflourgirl_) for 1 month following the class. Class will be available for purchase until December 17th 11:59pm EST. Class members will receive an exclusive discount code on class day valid for 1 week. Final sale, non-refundable after Dec 3rd, 2021 11:59pm.