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The Flour Girl Reusable Piping Bag Set

The Flour Girl Reusable Piping Bag Set

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Reusable Piping Bags

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Use to pipe icing onto cakes, cupcakes, and cookies or even to pipe choux pastry, meringue, macaron batter and more! The possibilities go on and on! TFG reusable piping bags are thick, durable, and strong yet provide a comfortable soft grip during use! Piping bags are made from TPU, a high-quality and eco-friendly alternative that provides flexibility without the use of potentially toxic plasticizers compared to PVC. Bags can accommodate icing tips of all sizes and can be trimmed on the ends to accommodate larger icing tips. 

We all know piping bags can be a task to clean but get this: they're dishwasher safe and BPA free! Flip the top half of the bag inside out and let the dishwasher do the cleaning!

Each set comes with 3 piping bags and 3 couplers. Sets available in 4 color variations.

Bag Size: 12 inches

NOTE: To preserve the integrity of the logo, we recommend hand-washing or lower-temp dish wash cycles for these piping bags. Dishwashers can be harsh on the silkscreen logos at higher temperatures.


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